The jewel on the crown of this range are Click® and SuperClick®, two universal design Falga patented joint boots that cover almost 100% of the European and Asian market of cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles and 4x4.

Our products and parts are manufactured with high quality compound with elasticity features higher than 800%; as such they may be assembled through the cone or by means of a Clickgun. These joint boots are protected by an international patent given their innovative content in comparison with the products currently available in the market. They are supplied loose or in repair kit packages, which include clamping strips, grease and a useful instruction sheet.

Assembling the boot to the joint or the axle is easier with a Clickgun, a new, state-of-the-art and revolutionizing pneumatic tool that uses compressed air at a maximum of 8 bars. The real advantage is that it can be used easily for quick boot installation, without having to remove the joint from the vehicle, without any effort or having to use gel or lubricants. This is a unique tool, suitable for joints up to a diameter of 120 mm, hence from small micro cars, to 4x4 and commercial vehicles.

In summary: OUR JOINT BOOTS ensure top-quality performances, time and professional savings as well as the possibility of providing fast-replacement times to all our clients.

For steering racks, Falga also came up with universal bellows that are suitable for both mechanical, power and electronic steering racks, for power steering with or without exhaust. This range is available in two versions: standard compound or high-elasticity compounds, which once again are suitable for plastic cone-assisted assembly. The cone, needless to say, is also manufactured by FALGA.