Falga’s philosophy rests on great care being devoted to every single detail. This is the approach that the company chose to better the quality of its products and services, as well as the attention to the needs of customers.

Quality stands as a priority goal as well as a constant reference for all corporate functions. From the choice of raw material, to machine reliability and the whole production process, by means of strict control procedures in every single phase of manufacturing, in order to have positive accuracy in terms of product quality. Customer satisfaction is another key corporate goal. All our activities are aimed at and focused on developing close and mutual relation with our customers. All this allowed Falga, in 1995 (the first Italian company in this industry) the certify its Quality System under the ISO 9002 standard and subsequently upgrade to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Falga has always been focused on respecting and preserving the environment; as a consequence, in December 2003 it got the ISO 14001:2004 environmental standard certification. These steps undoubtedly boosted our effort in terms of research and quality improvement, an approach that has grown to become a distinctive trait of the company.