Compliant with Standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Falga was set up in March 1974. Since then the Company developed significantly and the experience acquired together with the quality of products and services represent the winning strategies to face adequately the national and international market.

Constant technological evolution, greatest competitiveness, specificity of request coming from the market,  mean that today being chosen and appreciated by one’s Customers can be obtained by qualifying the company in terms of efficiency, quality, price, reliability and service. 

Falga, fully aware of its role and responsibility within the economic and social community, turned the development of quality, human capital, environmental protection, health and safety in working environments into an issue of its corporate culture and in the relationships with Stakeholders.

To bring this intention to its fulfillment, Falga undertakes to operate in compliance with the requirements of quality, environment, health and safety in compliance with Standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 e BS OHSAS 18001:2007 for the field of application “Design, production and marketing of rubber items and thermoplastic material, mainly for the automotive sector”.

Improvement of the Integrated Management System in all of its parts and its constant tuning with the evolution of the corporate reality and the reference standards are the basic ground for Falga to pursue successfully the targets concerning quality, environment, health and safety.

Falga undertakes to reduce constantly environmental impact due to the execution of its production processes, activities, products and services, in compliance with scientific and technological progress and compatibly with costs.

In addition, the key commitment of the Company is to pursue, keep and continuously improve the safety of workers and the protection of their health on working places.

Falga within this Integrated Policy and in order to pursue it, declares to:

·           Research full compliance with requirements and expectations of Stakeholders

·           Keep high quality standard of products

·           Constantly commit to improve the Integrated Management System

·           Pay the highest attention to pollution prevention

·           Raise awareness of suppliers and contractors on environmental, health and safety subjects

            and ask them to comply with the policies adopted by the Company

·           Use the best available technology to reach one’s corporate objectives

·           Develop and implement training and awareness raising programs for its staff on the

            Integrated Management System, in order to make each employee aware of the effects and

            consequences of its activities

·           Inform customers and suppliers as to the commitment for environment, health and safety  

            protection, as well as maintaining a relationship of active collaboration with controlling


·           Undertake to operate in compliance with the laws, standards and regulations, including

            the requirements of the Company with Concerned Parties 

·           Spread this document to all the staff and make it available for all Concerned Parties 

·           Provide and keep updated the procedures for management and control for the constant

            monitoring of staff’s health and safety and for actions to take in case of non-conforming

            situations, anomalies or emergencies.

·           Develop programs, objectives and targets and in order to accomplish them make available

            skilled and efficient human resources, and adequate material resources

·           Support the activity of information, training and coaching, with the participation of all

            operators and informing them as to their individual obligations and the importance of each

            action to reach the expected results and their responsibility in terms of health and safety

·           Identify dangers of activities and evaluate in advance the risks for the staff for the as is and

            for each new activity and/or process, to allow the adoption of solutions able to prevent

            accidents and occupational illnesses

·           Create appropriate communication channels in the company and outside the company,

            specifically with Public Authorities

·           Make internal audits, in order to ensure that the requirements of Integrated Management

            System are applied and kept compliant

·           Monitor periodically Integrated Management System efficiency, also through the

            Management review

·           Enable the action of analysis for situations of actual or potential non-conformities

·           Review periodically the risk assessment regardless of the variations occurred.

Falga identifies for single company processes adequate indicators to actually measure the achieved results based on which the improvement objectives with the assignment of schedule and responsibility are to be set.

The General Management of Falga undertakes to support the implementation of this Integrated Policy and the compliance with the guidelines contained. The Integrated Policy is controlled and updated periodically by the General Management, in order to guarantee it is valid and matching the requirements of the company and of concerned Parties. 

                                                                              Falga S.r.L.

                                                                       General Management