Over the past few years, Falga has renewed its entire molding machine fleet, replacing the old with newer, modern ones. Moreover, its efficient quality control laboratory and a high-tech design department allow to constantly improve the production standards, turning it into one of our main strengths.

Pressing in the very core of the corporate activities. It leverages 22 machines featuring different specifications and divided into three departments, capable of pressing any type of rubber polymer (neoprene, nitrile, EPDM,) as well as silicon. The injection capacity is 2000 cc and the clamping force 200 tons.

The molds are manufactured by qualified and selected suppliers, but their design is done by our staff. This, thanks to the acquired know-how, allows us to identify the suitable material, technologies and solutions for any type of product, guaranteeing the desired quality level as well as the best price/production ratio.